Create and Innovate with Harvard Students.

About the Program

There are few conferences that focus on innovation, much less those that are open to high school students, but The Harvard Crimson recognizes that high school students are the future of innovation. HPIC is an incredible opportunity for you to enhance the particular skills that will be most useful to you in school and beyond as a student, leader, and innovator. The conference will cover a variety of topics, from entrepreneurship to powerful communication to college applications, with small group workshops that will offer personal interactions and the opportunity to form closer connections with current Harvard student teachers. You can learn about science, social studies, and the arts and humanities in your classes and even other summer programs; but to advance as a student, entrepreneur, and active citizen, it is critical that you can apply what you’ve learned in these classes to the real world be a leader in your classes, and innovate upon your ideas. The Harvard Pre-Collegiate Innovation Conference equips you with these skills for success, creating a truly transformative and fulfilling experience for each student.